It’s been 1 Whole Month!!!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been only 1 month since I’ve started blogging so I have decided to hold a Party to celebrate!!! I am also holding a party to celebrate the close aim of 1000 views! (Currently on 850 views wow!) Thanks to all who have commented and have visited my blog and I hope you will be coming back here for more CP News! A lot has happened in the past month but some main features are the Puffle Party and Businesmoose leaving :'(. Also the addition of the Rainbow Puffle and the Puffle Hotel as rooms!! Anyway, here are the details for the party in PENGUIN STANDARD TIME! (CP Clock Time in Snow Forts.)


Date: Thursday, 4th April PST.

Time: 10:00pm PST

Server: Northern Lights (English)

Room: Dance Club! (However we will be moving around!)


I hope to see you all there and if you can or can’t make it let me know in the comments below because if you can’t make it I may be having another party real soon ;).

– Giratina9872