Spike Hike Update: New iPad/iOS App: My Penguin!

Hey Everyone!

Some of you may know that one of the CP Mods: Spike Hike, has been working on a Club Penguin App to be released for the iPad/iOS. It is called ‘My Penguin’ and will be a Free App released early in May 2013! Check it out!

“Hello Penguins!

I’ve had a secret that I’ve wanted to share with everyone for almost a year… Today I can finally share it with you!

Some of you may have seen me show up occasionally in the Friends list from a place called “My Penguin.” A few of you guessed that it may be a secret Club Penguin app on mobile… You were right!!! 

I’m excited to tell you that our new iPad app is coming soon!

The first version of “My Penguin” will let you play some of your favorite mini-games, shop from the catalog, and change your Penguin’s outfit . The app is totally connected to Club Penguin, so your Penguin, clothing and coins will be shared whether on mobile or the web.

That’s just the beginning, too… We’ll be updating the app regularly and bringing more of the Club Penguin world to the app throughout the year!! Stay tuned to the blog for more news and updates on “My Penguin”!

Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team”


How cool is this huh! I might have to go buy an iPad to get this app if it is not released for the iPod Touch! Make sure to leave me your thoughts in the comment below!

– Giratina9872