I’m looking for some Authors/Designers!

Hey Everyone!

You may not know but I run this website by myself and since my Internet will be down for a week (changing¬†broadbands) I am looking for some people to help me out during this time since a lot of new updates will come up! I’m also looking for people that can make me a header for the website (with a picture on my penguin saying Giratina9872’s CP Cheats!) and/or make some new pages for the website (Book Codes).

If you would like to help me out with any of these issues contact me at askgiratina9872@hotmail.com or comment below and I will decide if I accept you.

Thanks! Giratina9872


New Igloo Music!

Hey Everyone!

Check out the new Igloo Music: They are Gotta Have a Wingman, Operation Blackout and City of Heroes! I’ve got Gotta have a Wingman in one of my Igloos and Operation Blackout in one of them! How about you? Make sure to let me know in the comments below!

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 3.38.47 PM

– Giratina9872