Igloo of the Week

Hey Everyone!

Here’s something fun! If you in the comments give me a link to a picture of your igloo, it might be shown here as Giratina’s Igloo of the Week!!!

So if you want to have a chance of getting your AWESOME Igloo on my site, just comment a link to a picture of your igloo and wait to see if I contact you to see if you have won!!!

Good Luck and I hope this makes my Website a bit more fun!


14 thoughts on “Igloo of the Week

  1. yogogogo says:

    Hello my name is yogogogo another CP blogger! I like your website it looks cool. I am now looking for sponsors! How would you like to be the first one. Email me at yogogogoscpcheats@hotmail.com. I would like to be on your igloo of the week. If you want to put a pic of my igloo on my website become my buddy THX sincerly,

  2. Sporty Moi says:

    So uh, it is at my website: http://sportymoi.weebly.com/ (Go to “Other Stuff” tab to see it.) Let my igloo be the Igloo of the Week! Oh and please look around my site! I spend lots of time on it!

  3. Sporty Moi says:

    Never mind, I am not entering the contest…..

  4. yogogogo says:

    Hey sorry i havent been here for a while i would like to enter the igloo of the week contest

  5. yogogogo says:

    Hey i just added you to my blogroll please add me to yours at yogogogoscpcheats.weebly.com

  6. isaiah says:


  7. lionpolice says:

    Hey Giratina! Lionpolice here.
    My recently made blog frostyclubpenguinguide.wordpress.com have many views everyday. But I need some more views from different countries around the globe. So would please add me to your blogroll and advertise about my blog in your site,please? If my blog have stats more than before because of you , my team will be happy and I personally will write nice things about your blog and publish it. As a result, your website may also get famous. Do you agree it?
    Stay frosty,

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