Final CP Mascot Meetups! (Part 1)

Gday guys,

A couple days ago on the Club Penguin Blog, Megg posted Part 1 of the Waddle On party mascot meetup times, and due to a rumour that you won’t be able to meet mascots on Club Penguin Island like you would now, these could be the final times you can meet your favourite mascots, so get ready! 

Here are the first set of meetup times, which span from Thursday 9th February to Wednesday 1st March. Remember to study them if you’re interested in attending one of these meetups. Due to an increased number of penguins as a result of the announcement of the closure of Club Penguin, you may need to be at the meetup areas a little bit before these actual times to make sure you can be there.

Thursday Feb 9th 10:00 AM Dot Chinook
Rockhopper Crystal
Herbert Jack Frost
Saturday Feb 11th 1:30 PM Cadence Cloudy
Franky Fog
PH Iceland
Wednesday Feb 15th 10:00 AM Gary Cozy
Rookie Frosty
Aunt Arctic Mammoth
Thursday Feb. 23rd 10:00 AM Sensei Mittens
Dot Northern Lights
Herbert Sled
Saturday Feb. 25th 1:30 PM PH Sherbet
Cadence Rainbow
Sensei Wool Sock
Sunday Feb. 26th 11:00 AM Gary Mammoth
Rookie Frosty
Rockhopper Cozy
Wednesday Mar. 1st 10:00 AM Franky Iceland
Cadence Fog
PH Cloudy

Also guys, remember that all of these times are in PST (Penguin Standard Time). I know how annoying it can be to convert PST to your own real time, but (from my own point of view) I have belief that you and I can get through the pain that is known as time conversion and be able to attend these events!

One of the main mascots I really want to meet is Herbert, mostly based on the fact that I actually haven’t met him before. Other than that though, I’ll definitely be looking to attend a meetup for Rookie, Sensei, Gary and Cadence as well. What mascots are you most excited to try and meet and why? Make sure you let me know in the comments below!

Hope you seen you around at some of these meetups guys, should be tons of fun! And don’t forget to waddle on!

– Gira (can’t time convert) tina9872


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