Club Penguin Shutting Down – Thanks for everything!


So… Two and a half years after the last blog post, pretty crazy right? To be completely honest, I didn’t think I’d ever be coming back to write a blog post on this site, but I sorta can’t help it.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard and are well aware of the news, the original Club Penguin for browser is shutting down March 29, and the app is also going to vanish from stores. Although it is being replaced by the app, Club Penguin Island.

Personally, the news hit me, but probably not as much as it hit others. If anything, reading about it slapped me with a ton of nostalgia. In reality, this was always going to happen. After 2014, and maybe even 2013, numbers were declining. There was not a large enough inflow of new users to make up for the older, leaving users, and in the end that is surely what has then spiralled into the situation we are now facing.

However, one thing I really do love is that after years of not touching the game, so many older users are returning to experience what was probably a huge part of their childhood one last time. Seeing the community bond together over tipping the iceberg (Note: OML WE CAN FINALLY TIP THE ICEBERG!111!!!1!//!), seeing people throwing snowballs at the answers to the trivia questions, and all the ninjas who have helped me change the sky at the iceberg (BIG UP SQUAD!) has filled with a sense of happiness. Even though Club Penguin is somewhat ending, at least it’s going out in style!

I’d also like to thank the devs and everyone behind the scenes for making such a good place possible. Without you nothing would be the way it is today, nothing would have given us the ability to create amazing experiences, and Club Penguin may of never even achieved the popularity that it has gained to begin with. Also a huge shoutouts to Polo Field. I don’t know what it was about that man, but during that time is when Club Penguin seemed to peak, at least for me, and I’m very grateful for it. Also, Chris released a blog post of his own about CP shutting down. I recommend you read it here, it’s a super good read!

Also, I’d personally like to thank everyone who has ever been on this blog, anyone who has been nice to me on Twitter (btw I’m re-active there as well, so follow me! – shameless plug I know sorry), everyone who has commented on blogs, been active in the community, and literally EVERY SINGLE person who I’ve talked to on Club Penguin for the good ol’ times. Also a huge thanks to all the people who have helped me on this blog, if it was while I was away or whether it was helping me with codes, all of you really mean a lot to me, and I definitely won’t forget some of the highlights of my time on CP, there have been some that are absolutely amazing.

Finally, thank you to all the larger bloggers who made my time in the online community of Club Penguin a blast! In particular, Monchocho, Trainman, Saraapril and Riffy, but also everyone else who has interacted with me over Twitter or CP or another blog, etc, a huge, HUGE, HUGE thanks! You are incredible :))))))

Well, that’s that then. I may post about mascot meetup times, and apparently there is gonna be a huge meetup near the end of March (24th is what I heard). I’m going to be online fairly often, just to experience it again. I’ll probably be on active servers, so if you see me, say hi! And once again, thanks for everything!


– Giratina9872 (you can just call me Gira though lol)


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Hii~ I'm a Pokemon Player who has finished Top 32 at The Pokemon World Championships for VGC :) ORAS HYPE!

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