Minor Club Penguin Updates: Home Page Screens, Log Off Screens, and Postcards

When Club Penguin updated recently, some minor updates where spotted on their website and inside the game it self. The first minor update includes the addition of 2 new Home Page screens. (or sliders) One’s about the addition of a limited time iPad exclusive costume for members which is the Boba Fett costume. The helmet costs 450 coins while the suit costs 530 coins, and they’re both for members only and will stay available until August 13!
The second screen is about the new feature which allows members’ Puffles to dig for treasure and rare items around the island!

The second minor update is a brand new log off screen added to Club Penguin’s exit page which shows some of the costumes that members can get during the Star Wars Takeover Party 2013, and says that there will be 20+ costumes for members to get during the party other than the ones shown!

The third and final minor update is an updated to the postcards catalogue! You can now send to your buddies 3 new postcards which are called “Let’s Explore!”, “Night Club”, and “Viking Opera”.


Which minor update of the 3 above do you like the most? Tell us by commenting in the comments section below!-Ishu26


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