Members’ Puffles Can Now Dig Up Rare Items

Members can now grab their Puffles for a walk and maybe to dig up some RARE items around the island! It’s harder to dig up items than to dig up coins, but anyway you get this stamp for doing so:
Here’s a video explaining how to dig for items using your Puffle:


Here’s a list showing all the items your Puffles can dig up around the island: (thanks Trainman1405 for it!)
3D Glasses
Big Bad Wool Costume
Black Pirate Bandana
Funny Face Glasses
Geta Sandals
Green Suede Jacket
Jet Pack
Magician’s Wand
Paddle Ball
Pink Bunny Slippers
Pink Starry Top Hat
Rockhopper Plush
Seashell Belt
Star Necklace
Striped Sailor Shirt
Umbrella Hat
White Diva Sunglasses

Black Puffle Poster
Jolly Roger Flag
Purple Puffle Poster
Mexican Vase
Red Lava Lamp
Red Puffle Poster
Treasure Chest
White Puffle Poster
Which item is your favorite? Do you like this new feature for Members’ Puffles? Make sure to tell us by commenting below.



8 thoughts on “Members’ Puffles Can Now Dig Up Rare Items

  1. Taylor614 says:

    My favourite ones are the White Diva Sunglasses, Tiara, Green Suede Jacket, Magicians Wand and the Star Necklace.

  2. meme says:

    I love the star necklace diva Sunglasses Jacket and rockhopper plushy

  3. Giratina9872 says:

    Thanks for your support! And we actually do have a Club Penguin Unlock Items Page! It’s under Club Penguin Codes in our main ‘page bar’ at the top left of the website! Or you can click this link to find them! Thanks once more!

  4. oliver says:

    3d glasses diva glasses jet pack and the magicians wand plz reply

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