Join CP Card Jitsu Beta Test!

Hey Everyone!

Polo Field has updated the CP Blog on the statistics so far for Card Jitsu Snow. He wrote:

“Hello Penguins, in the last few days here at Club Penguin busy and today I would like to provide an update on the great beta test for Card-Jitsu Snow give. Since the start of the beta test last week, we have received thousands of comments. Thank you for your reports on what errors you noticed – keep it up! Did you know that we trace any error, we find? This, and the elimination of errors are a very important part in developing a game! You see the chart below? The red line shows the number of errors, which we have traced, and the green line shows the number of errors that we have eliminated! ? Pretty cool, huh Here are a few of the bigger mistake than the reports you have us . # 1094 – players see only the background in the game, when the snow ninja leaves play before the loading screen # 1090 – player the bonus can Round of play, even if a player during the game o K. goes. # 1042 – The music occasionally doubled in the game – run multiple pieces at the same time. # 993 – The game “freezes” on occasion – the players have the Exit Game. Well done, love tester! Thank you mithelft that make Club Penguin even better. More news … Many of you seem older versions of web browsers such as Internet Explorer to use. Make sure that you the latest version of your preferred web browserand the Adobe Flash Player you have installed on your computer when you Card-Jitsu snow tests. Please think it, ask your parents for permission before you install anything! Waddle On! – and have fun testing! Polo Field from Club Penguin Team”


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